I have always had a passion for helping people and I love listening to their stories. To finally combine these into a career brings me joy. It is my honor to hear each of your stories, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your life.  Hugs, Katherine

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Katherine, you say we are not alone on this journey. Thank you for being such an important part of mine. I feel gratitude for being seen and heard, and for the blessings of our work together. You are spot on that I have opened myself (my heart and soul) to you and your wisdom. Doing so is easy because we have built a solid and sacred trust. – Kimberly

Katherine is an engaging speaker that really talks from the heart about her battle with cancer, which can be a very difficult subject. She spoke about her own battle with sadness, love and even a little humor mixed into her story. What I loved most was that she gave me a little window into the world of what my mother was going through during her painful fight and eventual loss to uterine cancer. Now that I know the resources out there to cope with this struggle, my hope is that more people enlist the services of Katherine at the beginning; if they are the ones struggling with this terrible disease or if they have a loved one that is affected – to be able to learn how to help in a useful and meaningful way. I highly recommend Katherine to help educate and empower people on all sides of this illness.   -Jen Leonardson

In the news:

Link to Cancer Today magazine spring 2019 edition. Katherine is featured in the In the Moment section.


Link to Hopkins Sun Sailor newspaper article, published October 2019. Katherine was featured on the front page of the print edition.


Link to Institute for Integrative Nutrition October 2019 blog, in which Katherine is featured.


Katherine presented at the Cottage Grove area Women in Business, February 2020. This is what they wrote in their newsletter.

Katherine Knoploh, owner of Inspired Vitality
LLC, is a Holistic Health Coach in the
Minneapolis area. She persevered through
stage 3 breast cancer in 2015, studied with the
Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017, and
was featured in the spring 2019 edition of
Cancer Today Magazine. Katherine has said,
“Cancer does not define me, but I have allowed it to shape me.” She
considers her most important role to be that of mom to her boy/girl
Katherine has a passion to help those with the drive to prevent
cancer, and those affected by cancer, through group education,
individual coaching and inspirational public speaking. Katherine can
be reached at hhckatherine@gmail.com, or via her website, inspired
vitality.life and followed on Facebook at Inspired Vitality of Minnesota.
Facing Fear: In Life & In Business
Katherine will share her cancer story, and teach you the techniques
she developed that have empowered her to face small and big fears