It is in sharing our own stories that we often inspire others to live their best life. As I share my personal story of breast cancer, facing my mortality, and going on to serve those touched by cancer, you will be inspired to face your own fears. I also provide educational talks on various topics for healthy living and the prevention of cancer.

Minnesota Women’s Small Business Expo, September 19, 2019

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Katherine is an engaging speaker that really talks from the heart about her battle with cancer, which can be a very difficult subject. She spoke about her own battle with sadness, love and even a little humor mixed into her story. What I loved most was that she gave me a little window into the world of what my mother was going through during her painful fight and eventual loss to uterine cancer. Now that I know the resources out there to cope with this struggle, my hope is that more people enlist the services of Katherine at the beginning; if they are the ones struggling with this terrible disease or if they have a loved one that is affected – to be able to learn how to help in a useful and meaningful way. I highly recommend Katherine to help educate and empower people on all sides of this illness.  -Jen Leonardson

Cottage Grove Area Women In Business, February 21, 2020