Fearless Action: Strategies and Stories To Help You Manage Your Fears and Pursue Your Goals


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    Do you ever find yourself saying, “I know I should…,” but you remain in the same place, not pursuing your goals? Perhaps fear or perceived obstacles are keeping you stuck from moving forward. If a fear, other emotions, or perceived obstacle is affecting the quality of your life and requires action to improve the quality, provide answers to a health or emotional dilemma, or at the very least, aid you in bringing calm into your life, then the ABLE Strategy© can support you in moving out of the frozen state.

    Born out of a fear of cancer recurrence and a desire to help others, Fearless Action offers:

    Stories of perseverance to educate, inspire and empower you delivered with vulnerability.

    A unique strategy for anyone ready to implement change to pursue their goals.

    Passionate insight and practical tips for those impacted by cancer.

    Wellness strategies for employers seeking to retain and nourish their employees.

    Are you ready to take Fearless Action?

    Katherine Marie is the creator of the ABLE strategy and uses her experience and training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to help cancer patients navigate the changes that occur due to their diagnosis. She has been featured in news articles, magazines, and numerous podcasts. Katherine incorporates stories while speaking from the stage to a variety of audiences.