If I asked you if you wanted to have cancer in your lifetime, I can say with certainty that you would tell me, “NO!” But, are you ready to take action to prevent cancer? I mean really ready to take action steps. If you are saying to yourself, “I’m fine,” or “I’m too busy to make changes,” then that tells me you aren’t ready, but if you recognize the importance of prevention, allow me to provide you with information to get you started.

I have studied Dr. William Li, who gave a Ted Talk on the subject of angiogenesis. In it he posed the question, “Can we eat to starve cancer?” His research provided the answer, “YES!” To back up, angiogenesis is the process our bodies use to grow and maintain blood vessels. When the system operates as it should, the system is in balance, or a state of homeostasis. However, if an abnormal blood vessels grow, they can feed microscopic cancers. We all have the potential to have microscopic cancer cells within our bodies, but if they are not fed, they do not result in disease. Dr. Li’s research found that eating a predominantly whole foods plant-based diet is effective at preventing the development of the abnormal blood vessels, and thus prevents cancer.

So where do you begin? Dr. Li wrote a book, “Eat to Beat Disease” and in it discusses foods that are naturally anti-angiogenic foods. These foods are the ones that block the blood vessel growth and inhibit cancer cells from developing into disease. Dr. Li found that some of the best anti cancer foods are berries and vegetables, as well as green tea, and yes, even dark chocolate (in moderation).

While Dr. Li’s book is a great resource, my take away for you is that a whole food plant-based diet has been scientifically shown to prevent disease. This does not mean you have to go 100% plant based today, for some, it may be a process. Any steps that you can take to incorporate plants into your meals, and reduce animal products will be progress. In addition to more plants, consider your physical activity, relationships and stress level. Where is your life out of balance? Do you need to increase your exercise, surround yourself with more positive people, incorporate meditation? All of these things, along with healthy meals do contribute to your over-all health.

Are you looking for more guidance and accountability as you consider making these changes? This is where I would love to partner with you on your path to long term health. Contact me at to schedule a complementary consultation!

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